Every two years, we get graced with the majesty of the Olympics. A time in which we get to revel in the hard work of the world’s greatest athletes. A time when we get to feel patriotic for all the right reasons. A time in which we will have John Williams’ music stuck in our head for a glorious 17 days. You can almost feel the early morning practice sessions and the late night gym hours. The personal sacrifice of others in order to represent their country. How does one try to contemplate and understand all these emotions?

Simple. Drink beer, order sandwiches, and realize that it’s time to get back into the gym… tomorrow. The Local 66 Bar in Portland has 7 tv’s with the Olympics on every one of them. A great menu that will keep you warm while you watch the world compete in the cold. Come have a pint or a shot that will warm you up and root for your country or for your families heritage!  Visit the website for daily drink specials, and check out the menu!