September 30, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Modified BCA Rules

Race to 3 in winner’s bracket
Race to 2 on the back side
Alternating Breaks thereafter
Opponent racks balls
PUSH OUT is allowed after the break

Local 66 Bar Rules

Sign up by 7:00
Players may contact the bar @ 503.946.1135
Be ready for your match when you are called.
If you need to go to your car or away from the bar ask the tournament director BEFORE going to see if your match is coming up soon.
Tournament director will give you “Heads Up: when your match is next.
Please take care of bathroom trips and / or cigarette breaks as soon as you get the “heads up”
If you are late for a match and we can’t find you outside or at the bar the player will forfeit one game every 5 minutes the player is not at the table.